What are the criteria for getting a bed at Joseph’s House?
Our primary mission is to homeless men and women with poorly controlled HIV/AIDS, and, as space is available, we also welcome men and women with terminal cancer. Our nurses review all referrals and consider a number of factors, including the availability of beds in the house, the individual’s diagnosis, current health status, and suitability for the care we provide, and the availability or lack of availability of other suitable options.

Why do you give first priority to people living with HIV/AIDS?
Community living room Our focus on serving people with HIV/AIDS goes back to our founding when we began as a home for men living with AIDS. We began to welcome individuals of all genders and people dying of cancer in 2006. We expanded because we saw great need and recognized that our service to those with AIDS had taught us a great deal that would also be of service to others.

Our funding from the D.C. Department of Health and a significant portion of our foundation funding is specifically for serving people with AIDS. We also receive dedicated funding that allows us to also serve those with cancer. We believe that our community has been greatly enriched by expanding our mission.

Does everyone who lives at Joseph’s House die there?
Joseph’s House is a medical respite facility and most of the individuals who come to live with us recover their health and return to live independently in the community. We help them transition to a more permanent living situation and welcome them back for meals, medication assistance, and the fellowship of the community. A smaller number of residents come to us specifically for hospice care, and spend their final days, weeks or months with us.

How long can people stay at Joseph’s House?
The initial length of stay at Joseph’s House is 90-days. This can be extended based on medical need.

Is Joseph’s House a religious organization?
Joseph’s House is not a faith-based community. We are one of a number of non-profit organizations in our neighborhood and the greater Washington, D.C., area started by members of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour. All people, of all faith traditions – or no faith tradition – are welcome at Joseph’s House.

Where do you get your money?
We are grateful for the generous financial support we receive from individuals, faith communities, local businesses, foundations, and the D.C. Department of Health.

How do I become a volunteer?
Those interested in volunteering should contact us at info@josephshouse.org.