Man sitting at a table having his blood pressure taken by another person

The Joseph's House community provides and coordinates holistic care for homeless adults living with HIV/AIDS and terminal cancer, supporting them on their life's journey by honoring dignity, offering companionship, and promoting justice.

Your Support Makes A Difference

Your support for Joseph's House becomes compassion and justice for the poor, and a sense of welcome and belonging for those who are suffering.

The Disproportionate Impact of HIV and Cancer in Washington, D.C.

  • The HIV rate among DC residents is 1.8%, almost twice the rate defined by the World Health Organization as a generalized epidemic. The rate among Black men is 3.8% (compared with 1.5% for White males and 2.1% for Latino males); and the rate among Black women is 1.6% (compared with 0.1% for White women and 0.3% for Latina women. Blacks with HIV in DC die at a higher rate than their white and Latino counterparts.
  • Cancer mortality is 90% higher among African Americans than among whites. Cancer mortality is highest in the Wards with the highest concentration of African Americans and low-income residents.