Memorials (1)

A memorial service is held in our living room for every person who dies at Joseph’s House. Sometimes family and friends of the deceased are able to be present for the service; other times only the extended family of Joseph’s House bears witness to the life and death of the person who has died.

.The memorial service is simple with special music, prayer, candles and shared memories. We end the service in a circle with the Serenity prayer and The Lord’s Prayer. Then, arms around each other, we sing our anthem, Bill Withers’ Lean on Me.

Every spring we hold a service of remembrance in our garden. The liturgy and music are planned by our volunteers. One aspect of the service that remains the same year to year is, the names of all those who passed away at Joseph’s House over the past year are read aloud. The name cards are buried in the rich earth and beautiful spring flowers are planted on top of the ‘grave’. In this way remember together, we mourn, and we open our hearts and begin again.