Residential Respite Care

Many of the homeless men and women with advanced HIV disease who come to Joseph’s House are suffering physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but have a chance for improved health if they are surrounded with a web of love, care, and support. For most of these residents, some combination of mental illness, stigma, isolation, substance abuse, poverty, or domestic violence have prevented them from successfully managing their HIV disease. Most arrive with their HIV uncontrolled and a series of related health ad emotional challenges.

Our care team works with them to engage in the health care system, establish or reestablish an HIV treatment regimen, and manage the challenges and side effects of treatment. At the same time, we nurture their greater well-being with a safe, stable home, nutritious meals, and a warm and loving community. It is our hope that, working together, we can build a foundation for them to return safely to independent living.