Our Mission: Nurturing the Living, Accompanying the Dying

Kate Bedside

Opened in 1990 in response to the AIDS crisis in Washington, DC, Joseph’s House offers a welcoming community and comprehensive nursing and support services to homeless men and women with advanced HIV disease and terminal cancer.

Our clinical staff and trained caregivers work to create a home where the values of unreserved love and friendship are practiced. With tenderness and exquisite care we accompany men and women as they live their final days or work to regain and maintain their health and well-being

Together, we nurture the living and accompany the dying, providing a depth of physical, emotional and spiritual support that creates the possibility for the restoration of individual dignity and profound healing – healing into life or healing into death. .

At Joseph’s House each person is loved and cared for as family. At Joseph’s House, all are changed. We believe in love. We nurture and support our volunteers and staff members with as great an intention as we care for our residents. We learn to find a place of rest in the middle of things; just as it is, just as we are.