So many individuals and organizations offer the friendship and financial support that make our mission possible. Some have offered their support from our earliest days, while others have become a part of our community more recently. Many of our supporters are in the Washington, DC, area, but we have quite a few others in communities across the country.

Among our earliest supporters were members of the Church of the Saviour and medical school classmates of our founder Dr. David Hilfiker. Over the years, many have learned of our work through David’s speaking engagements and our coverage in the media.

In many cases, we have built meaningful friendships with our supporters, often through correspondence and conversation. Among the deepest connections are with those in caregiving relationships. We share some of their thoughts here.

letters“Joseph’s House has been a refuge for hundreds of patients for so many years and counting. Staff and volunteers accompany each one through the valley of the shadow with loving touch and compassion — and seemingly not drained by emotion, but rather renewed. What an amazing place! Our city is blessed for the work and for the workers there. Joseph’s House is a true home.”

“I enclosed a small check. It is small, but it serves a small need. I thank God you can do that. Thank you for being a holy place in a shadowy city.”

“Enclosed is a contribution to your wonderful Joseph’s House in memory of my beloved sister, whom I still miss with all my heart. I am so grateful that she was able to spend her last days and months in your loving care. It meant the world to both of us that she found such love and peace and warmth. It certainly gave her the strength to face her passing from this earth with a minimum of fear.”