marieVolunteers are an integral part of life at Joseph’s House, bringing skills and love that add great richness to our ability to serve. Some volunteers are part of our everyday life and others we see a few times a year. All are valued for the gifts they bring.

Our full-time, year-long volunteers work as part of the staff, offering compassionate companionship to our residents. Two volunteers with the Ignation Volunteer Corps serve weekly, sitting with residents, preparing meals, arranging flowers, filling pillboxes, and assisting residents with important paperwork. They include a retired nursing professor and social worker, and their lifetimes of experience and generous spirits are anchors and examples that guide and enrich us.

“Before I came to Joseph’s House, I did not know how to change a diaper, give a bed bath, fry chicken, bake sweet potato pie, parallel park a mini-van, or sit with silence. In addition to these task-oriented lessons, I have learned that in the midst of simple acts dwells a capacity for great love.”

— Andrea Woods, former volunteer

Carmody Hills

Our breakfast volunteers prepare the morning meals that create the setting for the conversation and fellowship that gets our day started.