Employment Opportunities

Position Opening: Resident Care Aide

“In serving others we are healed. Service is more than doing for another. In being with, doing with and doing for others, we experience the deep unity that we share with others. The boundaries and barriers between self and other dissolve and we feel connected and whole.”

~ With thanks to Ellen Birx, RN

Joseph’s House seeks an experienced resident care aide for a full-time position supporting residents with advanced HIV disease and end-stage cancer.

We look forward to receiving applications for certified nursing assistants and home health aides. Experience in mental health care and/or substance abuse and recovery are beneficial.

About Joseph’s House

Joseph’s House is a welcoming community that offers comprehensive nursing and support services for homeless and unstably housed men, women and transgender individuals with advanced HIV disease and terminal cancer. We provide residents with 24-hour nursing and personal care services, and nurture the opportunity for shared community life with family-style meals and the companionship of other residents, staff, and volunteers. Our clinical staff and trained caregivers work to create a home where the values of unreserved love and friendship are practiced. Together, we nurture the living and accompany the dying, providing a depth of physical, emotional and spiritual support that creates the possibility for profound healing and the restoration of individual dignity.

Joseph’s House welcomes around 30 individuals per year, up to eight persons at a time, and manages their care in coordination with local hospices, hospitals and outpatient clinics. Approximately half of those we welcome die while in residence and half regain their health and return to independent living.

Job Responsibilities

Developing and cultivating trusting relationships with the residents is the foundation for all responsibilities in this position. Within our practice of relationship-centered care in which both the residents and those who assist them have the capacity to receive and give love, courage, respect, and affection, the resident care aide serves in the following ways:

  • Daily compassionate presence to residents for day-to-day nursing, social, and comfort needs;
  • Provide comfort measures (under nurse supervision) for those unable to care for themselves;
  • Participate in planning individual resident care;
  • Assess daily, each resident’s personal care needs and communicate with other personal care and nursing staff to ensure that the resident’s needs are known by all;
  • Bathe, feed, and position residents;
  • Take and document vital signs, and intake and output;
  • Provide skin, nail, and foot care;
  • Assist with exercise and range of motion activities;
  • Offer massage, compassionate touch;
  • Sit with, read to, and accompany residents to provide companionship and comfort;
  • Provide a clean, safe, and pleasant environment, including changing bed linens, doing laundry, and keep all areas of the house clean and comfortable;
  • Assist with meal preparation;
  • Assist residents with meals; and
  • Report unusual occurrences or unsafe conditions to nurses or executive director.

Contemplative Care

Joseph’s House was founded upon the values of justice for the poor and friendship with the outcast. Mindfulness is practiced in our everyday interactions at Joseph’s House as part of our contemplative end-of-life care. These practices help us turn toward suffering, rather than hurry past it. These practices help us become more self-aware.

Applicants should have a readiness to deepen their spiritual and personal growth through their service and interactions with all members of the Joseph’s House community, especially our residents. Joseph’s House provides intentional support for the personal growth of all staff and volunteers.


  • Desire to bring one’s whole self to the service of those who are homeless and dying or very Ill.
  • Ability to work effectively with other volunteers and staff members; ability to receive direction.
  • High school diploma required; additional training as nursing assistant or home health aide preferred.
  • Respect for those who are or have been homeless; compassion for those who are suffering.
  • Ability to remain peaceful in times of stress.
  • Ability to remain focused on the most vulnerable residents while also contributing to the well-being of the community as a whole.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Joseph’s House will not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of race, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, age, national origin, religious beliefs, physical handicap, marital status, ancestry, past incarceration unrelated to job responsibilities, or liability for service in the armed forces of the United States. Joseph’s House will not make any limitation in hiring unless based upon a legitimate occupational qualification.

Application Process

Please submit a letter of interest and resume to Liz Fehrenbach, RN, at liz@josephshouse.org. Please direct all questions and inquiries to liz@josephshouse.org. We look forward to hearing from you!