Grace Among Us

As advent approaches, it gives me joy to share with you something small but extraordinary – something that was almost impossible, yet it came to pass! Something for which we give thanks… Michael Holman, a young volunteer with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, began his year of service at Joseph’s House this past September. He had not been here much …read more »

Our Healing Garden Comes to Life

At Joseph’s House we are bringing to life a beautiful new healing garden – accessible to all of our residents, neighbors, and friends. The garden’s elegant, broadly curving ramp, now our main entrance, announces that for Joseph’s House providing full access for anyone who uses a wheelchair or a walker is our joy. The garden invites all who see it …read more »

The Hard Work of Living

Recently when the weather was softening a little and the trees were almost in bloom, Dwight finished breakfast, left the table to smoke a cigarette on the porch and walked away from Joseph’s House. For months he had been longing to get back to the part of town where he had lived most of his life. Much of Dwight’s adult life had centered around a …read more »

Keeping Close in the Darkness

We are in the season of darkness. This year we can really feel it, can’t we? Sometimes the dark can bring us closer. We pray for healing, we hope for liberation. Other times, we feel such confusion and helplessness that we actually don’t want to know about each other anymore. We grow distant. We grieve. What does this Advent darkness ask of …read more »

Malcolm’s Prayers

It’s late afternoon, nightfall in early December. An hour ago, guided by the soft glow of holiday lights, we accompanied Malcolm’s body outside through the sharp air, from the shimmering darkness of Joseph’s House to the funeral home van. This is what we do at Joseph’s House. We open our hearts and respectfully go the distance with every person who …read more »

We’re Ablaze This Advent Season

In the liturgical calendar this is Advent, a welcome time of dark quiet, and waiting.  But at Joseph’s House, we’re on fire. We’re ablaze because of Kenya. Kenya is a fierce, vulnerable young woman with learning disabilities and a drug habit. She’s a mother of two young sons and she’s HIV positive. This past summer, suffering from end-stage AIDS …read more »

When We Dwell in Compassion

  Sometimes a person we invite to Joseph’s House for shelter longs for a different home. Zoe cannot be comforted. For many years she lived on the streets and for years at a time had no contact with her mother. Dying now, of liver disease, she was referred to Joseph’s House a few months ago for hospice care. Since then Zoe and her …read more »

Taking Their Places in the World

Amy Chatelaine, Anand Dwivedi and Neshia Alaovae arrived at Joseph’s House last September to serve here for a year, from the heart.  Our welcoming home is perched on the very edge of life and death and it took courage for them to cross the threshold. When they did we asked them for a lot. They gave their all. We asked for their courage to turn …read more »

Do More 24: Small Acts, Great Love

In everybody’s life small acts of great love begin with fresh home-made biscuits, isn’t that right? It’s definitely true at Joseph’s House! Our theme for the Do More 24 campaign is Small Acts, Great Love. It’s what we experience at Joseph’s House every day. It means so much to us that after 23 years, the doors of Joseph’s House are still open. …read more »

A Message from Our Friend David Hilfiker, Who Was Recently Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

David Hilfiker founded Joseph’s House in the summer of 1990 when his young family and three of his patients, men who were homeless and had AIDS, moved into the House to form a community of welcome. David’s roles at Joseph’s House have changed over the years, but his friendship and his pleasure as our community matures in love have only …read more »