Support a Healing Breakfast at Joseph’s House

john“One of the most remarkable breakfasts in Washington, D.C. is cooked and served every day inside a tall brick row house. It’s not a restaurant. But it does have a sign outside which reads: Joseph’s House.”

Rachel Martin, Weekend Edition

Rachel Martin came to Joseph’s House for breakfast last week. She immediately sensed that our dining room table is the first place of belonging at Joseph’s House.

Every morning our community eats a homemade breakfast together. At the table, we’re not nurses, someone dying of AIDS or cancer, or volunteers – we’re just folks, people sharing a meal. We pour the coffee and pass the pancakes. It doesn’t take long for us to become friends and for the newcomer to find his or her own place here.

As Rachel found after only a few hours at the house, “even though holidays here can be difficult – residents missing loved ones, remembering happier, healthier holidays past – there is a spirit of generosity and caring here that transcends a one-day holiday celebration.”

Support a hearty breakfast for 12 at Joseph’s House with a $25 contribution.