Template Email for Outreach

You cut and paste the text below or download and use the text from this Word Doc: Outreach Email Template.

Subject: Join me in Supporting Joseph’s House Today

Dear [family, friends, colleagues]

As some of you know, I [am/was] a [volunteer/supporter/staff member/friend] of Joseph’s House, a welcoming hospice home for homeless men and women with late-stage AIDS and terminal cancer. Joseph’s House has been providing compassionate and dignifying care to some of Washington, DC’s poorest residents since 1990. For 25 years now, the Joseph’s House community has been learning about love. What love can be and do, and how it can change lives.

It certainly changed mine. [Add a personal note here about your connection to Joseph’s House].

You might be surprised to learn that Joseph’s House is about so much more than a place for homeless persons who are dying or very ill. It is also a place of joy and fun. Love and presence. Good food and good health care. Inspiration and beauty. Courage and compassion. Flowers and laughter.

Joseph’s House is so much more than a “house”. It is a home — for residents, staff and volunteers.

Today, Joseph’s House staff, residents, and volunteers are at Tryst, a local coffee shop today, participating in “Do More in 24,” a citywide, one-day event to raise funds for the many incredible social service non-profits in our city. The Joseph’s House team has been working hard these past few weeks to reach out to many old friends and new supporters to reach their one-day goal of $35,000.

I am trying to help Joseph’s House reach that goal.  These are tough times for non-profits and Joseph’s House is no exception. They need help to continue serving residents with their unique blend of love, compassion, spiritual and physical nurturing, and joy.

While I certainly hope you can help out with a contribution, I hope you can click on the link below just to learn more about Joseph’s House.

The link below has a short video, Learning About Love for 25 Years, which shares the unique mission and values of Joseph’s House. It is narrated by Angela Meyer, a former volunteer and staff member, and a long-time friend of Joseph’s House.

You can watch the video, learn more about Joseph’s House, and link to our Do More 24 donation page here [www.josephshouse.org].

Or, you can go right to the donations page here [http://domore24.org/#npo/josephs-house].

It’s quick and easy. And very much appreciated by me and those who are loved and served at Joseph’s House!

Thank you for your time and consideration of this request,